Markos Moulitsas Banned From MSNBC

And Greg Sargent calls bullshit on the network’s explanation (emphasis in original):

According to Markos, MSNBC chief Phil Griffin emailed him this explanation:

I’m hoping this will be only temporary and that the situation can be resolved in a mature fashion, but until then I just don’t know how one could reasonably expect to be welcomed onto our network while publicly antagonizing one of our hosts at the same time.

It’s funny. I don’t recall the chief of MSNBC publicly banning Liz Cheney from appearing on the network when she cut an entire Web video “publicly antagonizing” Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews for allegedly being too frightened to debate her about terrorism[.]

Here is the complete story from Markos, including the offending tweets, and Phil Griffin’s email in its entirety. I remain completely baffled as to why Griffin won’t allow anyone at MSNBC to book Markos because of a fight he had with Joe Scarborough. I can understand why Scarborough might not want him on his show again — and since it’s his show it’s his choice who he wants to invite on it — but what do Keith Olbermann or Ed Schultz have to do with this? Why is Markos banned from their shows because Scarborough is in a snit over a few heated tweets?


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