Logic 101 on Gay Marriage

I just love this line:

Same-sex marriage is a government takeover of an institution the government did not create and should not redefine.

That, my friends, is one of three “great truths” declared by Ruben Diaz and Michael Long, arguing in the National Review against passage of New York State’s marriage equality bill.

One small problem: That government takeover of marriage is already a fact, and has been for quite some time now. If Diaz and Long oppose a government “takeover” of marriage, then they need to lobby their legislators to make it illegal for heterosexual couples to be married by a judge, or any other public official. They need to repeal marriage license laws, and age and consent requirements, which are government intrusions into an institution that was not created by government.

Try a little harder, guys. I’m sure you can do better than this.


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One response to “Logic 101 on Gay Marriage

  1. Chief

    Everything after “One small problem:” Swe-e-e-e-t

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