Will Eric Cantor’s Staged Temper Tantrum Backfire for Republicans?

GottaLaff reports that at least one House Democrat thinks so (emphasis is in the original):

Let’s start with this: Eric Cantor staged the walkout from the budget talks, it had been planned well in advance, and he and his party are infants. The “planned” part is something you don’t hear about much in the so-called “news” media.

And his little whiny-baby antics may backfire, according to one Blue Dog Dem. The Hill:

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), vice chairman of the Democrats’ Steering and Policy Committee, said Cantor’s move creates a public impression that the Republicans have no interest in negotiating a deal to raise the debt ceiling – a move many economists warn is necessary to stabilize global markets.

Note to Henry: First the public has to be paying attention. Let’s hope they are.

Next note to Henry: Then the news dee jays have to inform the public about exactly what he did. Let’s hope they do.


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