Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Who Is the Most Self-Involved Blogger of Them All?

Ann Althouse is claiming she was attacked, at the state house in Madison, Wisconsin. She provides two videos of the same scene, one with a line, “Watch this man. He will attack.” Well, if anyone out there reading this can point out the spot where she was attacked, please let me know. I watched the video twice and could not see it.

“That’s a crime!” she shrieks. “I could have you arrested! It’s all on camera!” WHAT’S on camera? As Maha says, “If you actually watch the videos she has posted as evidence you can’t see much, but my best guess is that she shoved a camera in a man’s face while he was talking and he shoved the camera away.”

One of Althouse’s readers compares a man shoving Althouse’s arm away because she’s getting her camera in his face to the murder of Kitty Genovese in Queens: “Madison is to Althouse as Queens was to Kitty Genovese.”

SEK at Lawyers, Guns and Money:

One man being rude — even if it was criminally rude, as Althouse insists — is the equivalent of a woman being chased down, beaten, and murdered in front of a hundred idle neighbors.  What’s distressing isn’t that they’re adopting the rhetoric of victimization, but that they actually seem to believe what they’re saying.



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