Rick Perry Is Rick Perry

Good post from Alex Pareene on the weirdness of the media’s shocked response to Rick Perry’s suggestion that Ben Bernanke should be dealt frontier justice if he “prints more money between now and the election.”

Rick Perry is not sorry about the comments. And why should he be? He could’ve said this two weeks ago and no one would have cared! Because I’m reasonably sure he’s spent his entire political career saying stuff like this, and that is why everyone thought he’d be a good presidential candidate.

Rick Perry saying something that combines poorly understood far-right political beliefs and an economically illiterate attack on D.C. elites with a folksy threat of violence is a feature, not a bug. “Joking” about Texas’ imaginary right to secede before broaching the subject more seriously at a Tea Party rally? Did that in ’09! I realize no one read his dumb book — “Everything Is Unconstitutional: The Story of My Recent Conversion to Fringe Beliefs That I Clearly Don’t Entirely Understand” — but didn’t anyone read a summary?

Now that Rick Perry is an “official” candidate, as of a few days ago, is he seriously supposed to stop being an irresponsible far-right numbskull? And turn himself immediately into a responsible elder statesman?


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