Cheers and Jeers



  • to Michael Walsh at the National Review and to Scott Johnson at Power Line, for lauding this ugly, ignorant, irresponsible, and morally reprehensible piece by someone named Joyce Lee Malcolm, who — among other things — condemns the concept of policing and calls for the British government to empower citizens to arm themselves and act as vigilantes rather than turning to officers of the law. And to this Joyce Lee Malcolm for writing the article.
  • to the school authorities in Missouri’s Republic School District, for forcing a female student who was raped by a male classmate to apologize to her rapist in writing, and personally give the letter to her rapist, for, according to the school authorities, lying about being raped. The girl was also expelled from school for the remainder of the school year. After she returned, she was raped a second time, by the same student, but did not report it, out of fear that she would be expelled again. When the school authorities were informed (presumably by the girl’s parents), they refused to take any action (despite the fact that there was physical evidence of the rape). The girl’s parents have now filed a lawsuit against the school district.
  • to Commentary, for supporting the Israeli government’s approval of 277 new apartment units in one of the illegal settlements on the West Bank, for denying that the expansion (which they insist is not an expansion) is a provocation that jeopardizes the peace process, and for dismissing the settlements issue in general as “a side issue” that the Obama administration has “blown out of proportion.”
  • to Eric Bolling at Fox Entertainment for sneering at Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack’s statement that food stamps given to Americans in tough economic times who otherwise could not buy groceries stimulates the economy, and for calling food stamps “socialism.”
  • to Rick Santorum, for saying, on a right-wing talk radio show, that marriage equality, secular government, and legal abortion, “are responsible for the country’s economic collapse and [have] created ‘a society that’s broken.’ ”
  • to Michele Bachmann, for idiocies too numerous to itemize here, but specifically, now, for promising that if she is elected President, gas prices will drop to below $2/gallon, and for telling Jay Sekulow on his radio show that Americans are concerned about “the rise of the Soviet Union” — which, of course, hasn’t existed for almost 20 years now.

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