Perry Denies Stimulus Created Jobs, Despite His State’s Own Public Records

Stephen C. Webster writes in The Raw Story:

During an appearance in New Hampshire on Thursday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) told a crowd of potential supporters that the Recovery Act “didn’t create any jobs, as far as I can tell.”

The comment is another in a long line of denials by the governor that billions of dollars in economic stimulus helped his state.

Overall, $28.5 billion in federal assistance has been sent to Texas, the second most of any state. Officials used it to keep schools open, put more people to work on infrastructure projects and ensure children still received needed health care, among other things — all in spite of Perry’s posturing against such measures.

The Houston Chronicle estimated that nearly 50,000 jobs had been created or saved by stimulus funds across the state of Texas alone. The state even sponsors a web portal where users can track stimulus funds by city and county, revealing exactly what it was used for.


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