Texas Judge Stops Anti-Abortion Law From Taking Effect

A federal judge has issued an injunction against Texas’s new law requiring doctors to show ultrasounds to women seeking abortions and forcing women to watch them (or trying to; I believe the law stops short of telling doctors they must tape women’s eyelids open). The law was scheduled to take effect September 1. It was expected that the law would be barred from taking effect pending court challenges, but this is still welcome news.

And by the way, this description of the law at “LifeNews” is a shameless lie:

The new law in Texas allowing women considering an abortion a chance to see an ultrasound of their unborn child beforehand is supposed to go into effect any day now, but that may not happen thanks to an activist judge.

A pregnant woman, whether seeking an abortion or not, already has the right to see an ultrasound and can request one at any point. This law is clearly unconstitutional because it FORCES doctors to show ultrasounds to pregnant women, ONLY if they are seeking an abortion — whether the ultrasound is medically necessary or not, and whether the woman seeking the abortion WANTS the ultrasound or not. This law does not “allow” women or “give women the chance” to do anything — it denies them the choice of whether they want to see an ultrasound, and it’s intended (obviously)  to intimidate women into not having abortions they are CHOOSING to have.

And the fact that no one who supports this law can describe it accurately just proves how unsupportable they know the law actually is.



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2 responses to “Texas Judge Stops Anti-Abortion Law From Taking Effect

  1. Irony of democracy. We elect our representatives and they create laws against our will.

  2. Another superb post. “Allowing” and “activist” are an intentional mis-leading of the low information part of the population.

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