It’s the Economy, Stupid

You can’t watch this video about the lives of “99-ers” — Americans who have been on unemployment for more than 99 weeks and thus no longer receive benefits — without feeling moved and inspired by their continuing determination and resourcefulness.

This (or, more precisely, many incidents just like this) goes a long way toward explaining why Paul Ryan decided not to run for President and why he won’t even be running for reelection to the Senate.

Glenn Greenwald tweets, about this op-ed in The Washington Times, “The last paragraph here is about as deranged as it gets (though all preceding paragraphs compete well for that title). ”

This is how a fraudulent meme gets started. Some right-wing hack (in this case, Rick Perry) calls Social Security “a Ponzi scheme.” Then some media hack/idiot (in this case, Chris Matthews) picks up the lie and repeats it, uncritically, as though it were true. And we’re off and running.

Passing voter ID laws to combat nonexistent voter fraud and filing suit to have part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 declared unconstitutional is far more important than doing something about tens of millions of jobless Americans struggling to survive.

In “the wacky world of Republican economics,” laying off government employees creates jobs in the private sector. In the real world, not so much.

Government regulations and taxation are NOT job destroyers for small business owners. Who says so? Small business owners.



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2 responses to “It’s the Economy, Stupid

  1. Benjamin Franklin

    Thanks for your comments at JOM…..It is my personal project to inject
    context into the vacuum of conservative thinktanks. I generally have a confrontational style but the moderate commenters there have assuaged my prickly nature. I have many enemies there who lack the flexibility to accept my newer persona and they have a deficit of trust. Knowing that the majority would rather have a monopoly on the tone of discussions, I write mainly on behalf of the gullible lurkers who pass by. You will continue to reap ridicule and obfuscation when you comment. But I guarantee you
    will receive authentic responses from some, if you persist. It is an energy drain, yet exhilarating when your posts shut them up due to the tightness of your successful argument.

    Please return as often as time allows.

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