An Outrageous Injustice Ends

And two men who have loved and honored each other for 11 years marry without fear of losing their military careers.


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One response to “An Outrageous Injustice Ends

  1. william wallace

    Most of the objection comes from the brainwashed religious
    they in having some crackpot halfbaked beliefs towards sex.

    It claimed their leader born of a virgin / not of sexual lustings
    as being all humanity all born of SIN according to christianity
    whom claiming as Jesus born of a virgin / he then being born
    free of SIN ( it gets better) it claimed if one accept christianity
    accept Jesus then Jesus has the power in removing their Sin
    with the removal of SIN one then qualifies for a entry to some
    fictional heaven that somwhere someplace beyond the clouds.

    Such utter religious brainwashing nonsense / earns religious
    organizations continued $MILLIONS in their yearly turnovers
    which but centuries of same ongoing religious Mumbo Jumbo
    they having been used in their supression / torture of millions.

    One can’t blame the brainwashed for the views of hate malice
    they but the victims of religious fraudsters their vile corruption
    however that their leaders of religious organization dare stand
    to vilify same sex unions as being wrong / but begger all belief
    it be themselves they should sit in judgement / in opening their
    hearts to the centuries of suffering they brought upon millions.

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