Impeccable Logic on Guantanamo

Obviously, Eric Holder’s declaration that “the Obama administration is doing everything it can to shut down the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before the 2012 presidential elections” is politically motivated. Obviously, it has very little to do with the massive stain on human rights and domestic and international law that is Guantanamo, and everything to do with the upcoming presidential elections.

But although I am just as skeptical as is Ed Morrissey that this key Obama campaign promise will actually be kept, election or not (although,unlike Ed, of course, I think Gitmo should have been shut down a long time ago), Ed’s reasoning for why this will not happen is so blissfully clueless that it must be shared (emphasis is mine):

Obama’s decision to close the detention center was never a popular position — and it grew deeply unpopular after the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber attack.  Holder had insisted that he would try the 9/11 plotters in federal court rather than the Gitmo military commissions system, but had to reverse himself when New York politicians objected to the trial and Congress — a Democratic Congress — barred the use of federal funds to close Gitmo.

Um, foiled attack, Ed. Foiled, of course, by the continuing existence of Guantanamo. Obviously, without Gitmo, we would never have found out how the Christmas Day attempted bombing was planned — nor, of course, would we have gotten reliable, valuable intelligence about possible future attacks.


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