The New Reality

I haven’t written here in a while because I am so burned out on the despair and hopelessness I feel every time I read Memeorandum or go through my Google Reader feeds that writing feels like an impossible task. Especially when I’m not getting paid to make myself depressed. But this short piece by James Fallows cries out to be given as much play as possible:

Here is the headline in the online home page of the NYT, about Obama’s “pass this jobs bill, pass it now” proposal. Note the word “fails”:


The subhead and the rest of the article make clear that more Senators voted for the bill than against it — 50 to 49. It would have been 51-48 except for a parliamentary ruse by Majority Leader Harry Reid, who switched to a “No” vote so that he would later be able to call it up for reconsideration.

We have gone so far in recent years toward routinizing the once-rare requirement for a 60-vote Senate “supermajority” into an obstacle for every nomination and every bill that our leading newspaper can say that a measure “fails” when it gets more Yes than No votes. …

The acceptance of the obstructionism as so normal that the New York Times and other major news outlets no longer question it is more depressing than the obstructionism itself. Indeed, it’s a large part of what makes the obstructionism successful.



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One response to “The New Reality

  1. I understand the “why” of the despair and hopelessness. It has been maybe six months since I’ve read a book that addresses any of the problems the US has faced in the last 12 years. I haven’t even been able to force my way through Stiglitz’ “Freefall” I know how it ends.

    My one vote in a CD where the Dem challenger garnered only 31% of the vote is pretty darn discouraging.

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