Do Republicans Enjoy the Pain, Misery, and Suffering of Others?

Chris Matthews argues they do. It’s a slam dunk case to make, but still, he does it very well. And then, below the video, this:

What happens when an entire political party embraces the Dark Side? How does assuming the worst of Americans, being willing to ignore the social contract, and openly working to advance the interests of the richest among us make this country a better place? Those things don’t do anything to improve America, of course, but that no longer appears to be of any concern to today’s GOP. Today’s Republicans care about two things and two things only- power and money. Our votes are valuable to them only insofar as they’re a necessary prerequisite to gaining and maintaining power. Achieving that goal requires money- lots and lots of money- which is where entities like Citizens United, Crossroads GPS, and the Koch brothers come into play. In the new Citizens United era of unlimited money without accountability or disclosure, buying democracy is far easier than it’s ever been. Republicans really aren’t any different than Democrats when it comes to desiring power and being willing to bend (or break) the rules in order to obtain and aggregate power. It’s just that Republicans have far exceeded Democrats when it comes to demonstrating that discipline, a lack of ethics, and a willingness to be purchased is the path to power these days.

Republicans will never admit to this, of course, but there’s little doubt that today’s GOP is defined by what they hate- immigrants, homosexuals, Liberals, the unemployed- and what they fear- Islam, health care reform, compassion, abortion rights. The GOP has devolved into a party that finds joy in the suffering of others, and revels in denying the less fortunate desperately needed assistance. They define the “have nots” as lazy, shiftless, and unmotivated- happy to suck at government’s teat as they leech off those who work hard and create value. Those without health care insurance deserve to die. The State deserves the right to execute whom they please. Brown People are sneaking into this country to drop anchor babies and take our jobs. Radical Islamofascism seeks to enslave good, God-fearing American patriots and subject them to Sharia– not that many of them could actually define Sharia. Obamacare is a thinly-veiled scheme that allows evil, godless Liberals to force their Socialist, government-run healthcare upon Americans perfectly happy with their health insurance (never mind that 45 million Americans lack health insurance).

Today’s GOP uses fear and loathing as an instrument of policy.  …

The rest is here.


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