Black Friday and Occupy Wall Street


  • @GeniusBastard: “My problem with the Black Friday shoppers is who is their leader? What do they want?”
  • Andy Borowitz: “Customers buy firearms at Walmart in order to shop at Walmart.” And “There is not enough pepper spray in the world to subdue all the angry people in a Walmart.”
  • Ms.RaeJones: “More violence in one day of shopping than all of the [Occupy Wall Street] events. And people wonder what is wrong with this country.”
  • EricBoehlert: “this is what retailers get 4 trying to ruin Thanksgiving holiday; Black Friday Turns Violent at 8 U.S. Walmart Stores; at Least 24 injured.”
  • GottaLaff (re-tweeting Cynthia Boaz, with modifications): “As Egyptians scuffling on streets in fight 4 their freedom, Walmart shoppers scuffling for bigger plasma TV.”
  • tbogg: “We’ve come a long way as a society when Wal-Mart reports “no Black Friday deaths, so it’s all good” and we congratulate ourselves.”

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