Clueless Fertilized Egg/Zygote/Embryo/Fetus Worshippers

The always immensely amusing Sister Toldjah on Virginia State Sen. Janet Howell’s attempt to attach an amendment to a forced ultrasound bill in that state:

But leave it to a far left “feminist” to skip – deliberately – over the fact that pregnancy ultrasounds have a little bit of something to do with an unborn baby, whereas ED has nothing to do with a developing fetus.  Oh no, let’s not talk about that little inconvenient fact! Too confusing and all that.

And leave it to a far right pro-fertilized egg/zygote/embryo/fetus lifer to see no contradiction between assuming that a grown man knows how to decide whether using LEGAL erectile dysfunction medication is worth the health risks, and treating a grown woman as though she doesn’t know what “abortion” means and hasn’t given or isn’t capable of engaging in an adult moral thought process about the LEGAL decision to have one.

Here is the difference between pregnancy ultrasounds and erectile dysfunction medication — and it’s NOT that the former have “a little bit of something to do with an unborn baby,” and the latter does not. The difference is that pregnancy ultrasounds are politicized and ED medication is not, as Jill at Feministe so eloquently explains:

I don’t think that men should have to undergo rectal exams and cardiac stress tests before getting Viagra. I think that’s silly and wasteful and unnecessary and invasive. But I also think that women’s health is so routinely politicized, and is so widely accepted as something that it’s ok to politicize, that turning the tables might make men think a little bit harder about these issues. Right-wing politicians have positioned reproductive rights as about abortion and babies, not as what they really are: Fundamentally tied to the body. Laws like this force that conversation; they force politicians to explain why a procedure tied to female reproduction should included legally-mandated penetration and shame, while male reproduction gets a smile and a prescription.


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