“Culture Wars”

The “culture wars” war over who gets to control women’s reproductive organs and whether women have the right to basic preventive health care goes on. and on. and on, and plumbs depths of foolishness hitherto unexplored.

Some articles worth reading:

  • Darren Hutchinson’s smart analysis of “Ross Douthat’s Flawed Analysis of the Komen-Planned Parenthood controversy.
  • Sarah Posner on how “liberals enabled [the] bishops in [the] contraception battle.”
  • Charles Pierce on the same angle, amplifying on how Pres. Obama screwed up the politics of this policy, when there was no need to do so because he had (and still has) both the majority of lay Catholics and the American public as a whole on his side.
  • Another astounding example of Rick Santorum’s ignorance: He says women don’t need insurance coverage for contraception because it’s a “minor expense” that costs “only a few dollars.”

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