Journalistic Malpractice

The Daily Caller gives us their daily dose of journalistic malpractice, today concerning Media Matter’s supposed “erratic behavior” and “close coordination with White House and news organizations.”

TBogg eviscerates quite effectively via quotation with emphasis:

Tucker Carlson’s finger-painting-with-poo-website has a superduper Must-Credit-Daily-Caller…Daily-Caller… D-A-I-L-Y … C-A-L-L-E-R …Daily-Caller …It’s-On-The-Internet …sigh…I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T Exclusive exposing Media Matters’ David Brock as an evil genius bent upon destroying conservatives by repeating the dumb-ass things that they say. Unfair!

Tucker and a crack team of “journalists” who have to tell their parents every couple of weeks or so that working for Tucker “is too a real job” secretly interviewed many people at Media Matters whose names you may recognize about Brock:

Brock, the head of the liberal nonprofit Media Matters for America, had told friends and co-workers that he feared he was in imminent danger from right-wing assassins and needed a security team to keep him safe. The threat he faced while smoking on his roof? “Snipers,” a former co-worker recalled.
“He had more security than a Third World dictator,” one employee said
“What movement leader has a detail?” asked someone who saw it.
Extensive interviews with a number of Brock’s current and former colleagues at Media Matters, as well as with leaders from across the spectrum of Democratic politics, reveal an organization roiled by its leader’s volatile and erratic behavior and struggles with mental illness, and an office where Brock’s executive assistant carried a handgun to public events in order to defend his boss from unseen threats.

Yet those same interviews, as well as a detailed organizational planning memo obtained by The Daily Caller, also suggest that Media Matters has to a great extent achieved its central goal of influencing the national media.
“We were pretty much writing their prime time,” a former Media Matters employee said of the cable channel MSNBC. “But then virtually all the mainstream media was using our stuff.”
In November of 2009, Dobbs left CNN. “We got him fired,” says one staffer flatly.

The above is far from the end of it; you really must go over there to read the whole thing — the effect of this “investigative” piece going on and on and on without a single direct quote or attribution is quite damning.


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