Business As Usual, Breitbart Style

The folks at released a video (details here) purporting to show that Barack Obama was/is closely associated with a well-known former Harvard University law professor (Derrick Bell, now deceased) who espoused and taught a theory of race relations called Critical Race Theory. CRT is usually preceded by the word “controversial,” although it shouldn’t be, because all it says, very basically, is that racism is so ingrained in American institutions that law, or at least law alone, is not sufficient to address racial inequities. There is, of course, a lot more to it — here is a scholarly essay from the UCLA School of Public Affairs, and a more popularly written one at — but at its core this is close to being just common sense for any reasonably informed and educated adult person who grew up in the United States. It’s certainly not pleasant, and certainly it can be debated and challenged, but it’s hardly a shockingly outrageous idea.

Anyway, it turns out that the video was creatively edited, and doesn’t even show, when viewed without the cuts, what the Breitbart people claim it shows. That, too, is nothing new.



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3 responses to “Business As Usual, Breitbart Style

  1. Benjamin Franklin

    Hey Kathy;

    You may remember some exchanges between yourself and I at Justoneminute last year. I saw some of your final comments when I was absent, and a sock puppet using my handle apparently persuaded you it was myself.

    I noticed you post at Agonist now, and I’ve been an occasional reader. When I saw your name, decided I would register.

    Unfortunately, it is closed.

    Just wanted to say Hi.

    Ben Franklin

    • Hi, BF! Of course, I remember you and I’m glad to hear from you. I only just started posting at The Agonist, and I’m quite happy about it. I’m glad you found me there so soon.

      Anyway, I contacted Steve Hynd (the editor-in-chief of The Agonist) about the message you got when you tried to register. He told me it’s something left over from the old editor’s time at the blog, and they are working to change it. The entire site is going through a major redesign/revamping to make it more streamlined and easier to use in a lot of ways, including for the writers who post there.

      However, if you want to register now, and not wait for the site redesign, you can do that by emailing Steve to that effect, and he will set up a user account for you “manually,” so to speak. His email is

  2. Benjamin Franklin

    Thanks Kathy.

    Look forward to your thoughtful posts

    My name is Dana, btw

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