Michele the Moron Strikes Again

Here’s what she told Sean Hannity after the Supreme Court’s last day of oral arguments on the Affordable Care Act (emphasis is in the original):

One argument that the government was trying to make is that somehow health care is uniquely different. That government can regulate it because everyone participates. Health insurance is not uniquely different. It’s still an opportunity that some people choose to engage in, but 40 million people do not. And the premise was made that people don’t buy insurance because they can’t afford it. That’s not true. There are people who just decide they want to roll the dice and take their chances that they won’t need insurance.

Think Progress has the video.

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One response to “Michele the Moron Strikes Again

  1. Chief

    How come you were so gentle on her? I mean “Michelle the Moron” is mild.

    A lot of words, separated by commas could easily fit between “the” and “Moron.”

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