THE Most Tone-Deaf Presidential Candidate EVER

It really isn’t even news anymore that Mitt Romney is completely disconnected from most Americans’ daily reality. He hasn’t got a clue. He’s living in a bubble. He isn’t on the same planet the rest of us live on. His latest? Advising young people who don’t have the money to go to college or start out on their own to borrow money from their parents.

Libby Spencer has THE.BEST.TITLE: “You can rely on the old man’s money.”

I fucking LOVE it.

ABL at Balloon Juice:

Mitt Romney is the most tone-deaf motherfucker to ever run for president. HANDS DOWN.



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One response to “THE Most Tone-Deaf Presidential Candidate EVER

  1. Chief

    Rmoney must really like a double helping of fillet of sole, because he keeps putting both feet in his mouth.

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