Lara Logan’s Biased Reporting Finally Does Her In

She’s been a blatant right-wing hack for a long time, but she finally went too far. Today, 60 Minutes‘ Executive Producer, Jeff Fager, announced she was taking a “leave of absence” for an unspecified length of time — but it seems pretty clear she’s been fired. This comes after an internal review at CBS concluded that Logan and her producer, Max McClellan, were responsible for several “critical errors” in its Benghazi story:

Ortiz seconded the complaints from most outside observers: that “60 Minutes” had failed to make use of the wider CBS News reporting team, which could have helped it avoid crucial mistakes about the veracity of its source, Dylan Davies; that its failure to disclose its corporate connections to Davies’ book was a significant error; that the producing team for the report did not do a good enough job vetting Davies’ claims; and that a 2012 speech by Logan in which she forcefully criticized the Obama administration’s handling of the Benghazi incident raised red flags about her ability to dispassionately conduct an investigative report into the attacks.

Ed Kilgore sees Fox in Logan’s future:

Most of the reaction to this development has focused on the question of what CBS has learned from this deeply embarrassing incident. But I wonder about Lara Logan. Will she take her medicine and climb back up the slippery pole of on-camera talent she seemed to be ascending quite rapidly before she decided to begin a new Benghazi! furor? Or will she make a strategic retreat into celebrity reporting or science reporting or sports reporting?

The short-cut for her, of course, will be to assume the mantle of Conservative Media Martyr and land a gig with Fox, where there will be no “internal investigations” of reporters who bend the rules in pursuit of Big Stories like Benghazi!. If she resists that temptation, then perhaps there is hope for her as a legitimate journalist who admits when she’s wrong and rededicates herself to journalism.

I don’t think she will. I don’t think she CAN. I think she’s too steeped in that right-wing alternate reality to be capable of any kind of sober self-assessment.


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